Hi Dear Basetao friends Due to the novel cornonavirus outbreak and reduction of flight , the post has increased the shipping fee for EMS and E-express dramatically ,other shipment methords may get affected as well . If you think the shipping fee increase is too much to afford for EMS and E-express ,we suggest you to choose other cheapr shipment methods . We are really sorry about the situation like this ,but once the shipping fee lower again , we will update it asap .Thank you for your understanding . Best regards Basetao team
STEP 1: Register at Basetao to get your Chinese address.

Note:If you are the old customer, please log in to your account to get the physical shipping address.

STEP 2: ask your merchant to send prodcuts to our warehouse .

STEP 3: Make a "ship for me" order if your merchant has already send the parcel and offered you the tracking code.

Note:The reason why you need to make a "ship for me"order is because once your parcel has come to our warehouse ,we can use this order to update weight and pictures for the product .



why do I need the ship for me service , what is it ?


you can buy products yourself and send to basetao address. When the product arrives, we will weight and off qc pictures for your items. Then you can submit to ship to any address you want . No service fees required.